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Metalands is a thrilling and immersive shooter game that takes you on a journey into a world where legends are forged. It combines the elements of survival, crafting, and base building with the intensity of a battle royale-style gameplay.

In Metalands, every battle is an opportunity to prove your worth and showcase your skills.


Unleash Your Inner Warrior in a Vast and Dynamic World

Embark on an Epic
Journey in Metalands

Metalands is a sprawling and ever-evolving world brimming with boundless challenges and exhilarating quests. Within its depths, heroes are forged and legends come to life as you tap into your inner warrior.

Your journey will demand strategic acumen, but it is your unwavering courage and unyielding resolve that shall propel you towards greatness, setting you apart from the masses

Rise Above the Chaos

Unleash Your Skill
in Metalands

Engage in intense battles, wielding powerful weapons and utilizing your unique abilities to overcome your opponents. The chaos of Metalands will push you to your limits, but it is within these moments that you will discover your true strength and resilience.

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Showcase Your Creativity and Strategic Skills

Build Your Legacy

Harness your creativity and strategic skills to construct and mold powerful bunkers. These fortresses represent strength and resilience, offering refuge in the chaos. Every wall and detail is a tactical advantage, securing your empire in Metalands.

Forge your destiny as the master of your base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Metalands?
Metalands is a free to play first-person shooter game that combines survival, crafting, and base building mechanics into a hybrid battle royale-style gameplay. It offers an immersive gaming experience in a post-apocalyptic universe.
What is the objective of Metalands?
The objective of Metalands is to survive and win a lot of airdrop in intense PvP battles. Players must use their skills, strategy, and resource management to outsmart opponents and claim victory.
How does base building work in Metalands?
Metalands features robust base building mechanics where players can construct and customize their own bunkers. Bunkers serve as safe havens and strategic strongholds, providing players with a sense of security and a tactical advantage in the game.
How does customization work in Metalands?
Metalands offers customization options for characters, weapons, and bunkers. Players can acquire unique and rare artifacts that can be used to customize their in-game assets, allowing for personalization and exclusive items.
What other activities are available in Metalands?
In addition to PvP battles and base building, Metalands offers various activities to keep players engaged. This includes exploring the vast world, scavenging for resources, crafting items, completing quests, and engaging in cooperative gameplay.
Are there different game modes in Metalands?
Yes, Metalands offers various game modes to cater to different play styles. This includes solo, duo, and squad modes for PvP battles, allowing players to team up with friends or compete individually.
Can players provide feedback and suggestions for Metalands?
Yes, player feedback is highly valued in Metalands. Players can provide feedback and suggestions through official channels such as forums or community platforms. The development team takes player input into consideration for future updates and improvements.
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