Play, Collect & Build


An action-packed shooter game that enables players to collect resources from gameplay, build their bunker from scratch and manage content from within their bunker.

Resources are earned in the form of mystical objects which are then exchanged for chests containing different items.

Play. Earn. Repeat

Crafting Oriented game

Earn loot, blueprints, crafting fuels and in-game currencies while engaging in multiplayer and single player game modes.

Sell crafted items to other players or use them to enhance your gaming experience.


With a little spark, hope can start a fire

In the year 4545, the sun exploded after using up its last energy, plunging the entire universe into chaos, the period that followed would be known as the “Great Tribulation”. In a single sweep, all planets fell into darkness, forcing humans and other beings-like to wander in the dark, looking for a spark of hope.

The same energy that destroyed the entire universe also paved the way for a new beginning as the particles from the dying sun created another dimension called “Metalands”, a mysterious universe with energy from the sun with numerous hidden sectors and rare metals called Cifireum (CIFI).

A PVPVE Shooter Game

Build, gather, and fight as you explore the mysterious islands of Metalands through sector portals with your jumper. Upgrade your bunker to its maximum potential, join other formidable clans, raid players of their resources and blueprints, craft new powerful weapons and skills, train powerful jumpers and the most importantly, forge new Jumpcard for free movement and access to all sectors.

Gather, Build and Fight

Regardless of the player`s method, the main objectives of Metalands is to upgrade your bunker, level up your control room to gain access to new bunker upgrades and features, and build a powerful squad of Jumpers to explore all available sectors for resources and blueprints.


Co-ops adventures

Team up with friends

Build Alliances with other players, help one another grow in rank, resources, crafting speed and strength.

Through team work, you can be unstoppable but watch out for other alliances.


On-chain game distribution launcher

Arvrse Studio

A blockchain-secured application that enables players to run Metalands and update their game easily for new content without the need to download the game all over again.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metalands?
Metalands is a PvPvE progressive-world survival shooter game where players contend with each other whilst also contending with the environment.
Does Metalands have multiplayer?
Yes, Metalands can be played solo, coops and against other players.
When Will Metalands Launch?
Metalands demo version will be up Q4 2022. We are working hard to bring beta version of open world Q1-Q2 2023.
What platforms will it be playable on?
Metalands is currently on PC only. Plans for mobile version is scheduled for Q1-Q3 2023.
Is Metalands free to play?
Yes, Metalands is a free to play game. However, players who wants to upgrade their weapons, characters and bunkers can purchase gems and other in-game items.
What is a jumper?
A Jumper is a character which is equipped and trained to explore the open world sectors through Jumpads with the help of a Jumpass.
What is a Jumpass?
Jumpass allows players to access other sectors through a Jumpad teleportation device. Players craft Jumpass from blueprints and resources earned and gathered from gameplay.


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